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NEW Sarna® Sensitive Maximum Strength

SARNA Sensitive lotion provides the maximum amount of anti-itch medication you can find without a prescription. Itch relief just as effective as 1% topical hydrocortisone (steroidal) creams,2its non-irritating pramoxine hydrochloride (1%) formula moisturizes the skin while soothing the itch. It is ideal for relieving itch associated with eczema and sensitive dry skin. And because it is fragrance- and steroid-free, it is safe for daily use.

Lumiére Bio-restorative Eye Creme with PSP by

Helps to:

  • Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area
  •  Firm and hydrate
  •  Deflate the look of puffiness
  •  Reduce the appearance of under-eye darkness
  •  Wipe away signs of stress and fatigue

Baby Foot™ is an innovative foot care product that will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby's foot. 17 types of natural extracts allow your feet to exfoliate naturally leaving them highly moisturized. This effective and gentle process removes the unwanted dead skin cells that have built up layer after layer. Baby Foot™ can also improve foot issues such as: Foot Odor, Athletes Foot and Blood Circulation.

Aquanil HC Lotion

by Person & Covey

1% hydrocortisone in Aquanil Lotion for gentle antipruritic (anti-itch) treatment of sensitive skin. It is indicated for the temporary relief of minor skin irritation, inflammation, itching, and rashes. Lipid free, non-comedogenic, and fragrance-free. Active Ingredient: Hydrocortisone USP 1% (micronized).

Triple Protection FactorSPF 50+
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TPF 50 is a groundbreaking clinically proven skin protection and anti-aging product. It wasdeveloped based on a unique combination of protective and restorative ingredients including a DNA Enzyme Complex, a highly potent protein protection Antioxidant Complex and broad spectrum SPF 50+ sunprotection in a moisturizing base. Given TPF 50 has a physical sunscreen, it is recommended for daytime use. Application after cleansing and/or moisturizing is recommended, while someindividuals may not require a moisturizer. TPF 50 is prepared as a hydrating formula with universal tint to enhance all skin tones. It is suitable to facial skin, neck and décolletage.

Panoxyl 4% Acne

Creamy Wash

Patented formula helps reduce irritation and inflammation commonly experienced with conventional BPO formulations. Quickly penetrates pores, killing the bacteria that cause acne. Clears existing acne blemishes and prevents new blemishes from forming


by Summers Laboratories, Inc.

Used by dermatologists for brittle, splitting or peeling nails. Unique, patented technology unlike any other nail product on the market. Takes 8 to 16 weeks to yield results, but your patience will be rewarded.

Dr. Dan's Cortibalm

Hypoallergenic medicated lip balm with 1% hydrocortisone - perfect for acne and psoriasis patients taking Accutane, Amnesteen or Soriatane. Also great for chapped or irritated lips caused by exposure to the sun, wind, cold weather or a reaction from cosmetics.

DML Daily Facial Moisturizer

SPF 25 by Person & Covey

Rich yet easily absorbed, our formulas help all skin types maintain softness and radiance without ever feeling greasy. DML also provides a full-spectrum sun protection.